Estelite Omega PLT Kit

esomkit- PLT
  • Content:
  • 100 PLTs (0.25g each):
    • 10 ea Enamel: EA1, EA2, EA3, EB1
    • 5 ea Effects: TRANS and MILKY WHITE
    • 10 ea Dentin: DA1, DA2, DA3
    • 10 ea Bleach: BL1, BL2
  • Custom Shade Guide
  • Artist’s Brush (Double-Ended)
  • DVD/CD (Clinical Cases & Clinical Guide)
  • Restorative Technique Card
  • Instructions

Estelite Omega is a polychromatic universal composite system conceptualized and crafted to simplify high esthetic restorations. Using only 11 composite shades and 13 tints, dentists can accurately recreate the look and feel of every unique smile down to the smallest fissures and mamelons. Built on the foundation of spherical fillers particles (Tokuyama’s patented Technology), Estelite Omega allows a more natural recreation of tooth anatomy and excellent polishability.


  • 11 Shades
  • 90 Seconds Working Time
  • Ideal Handling
  • Superb Esthetics
  • Excellent Polishability and Gloss Retention
  • High Flexural and Compressive Strength

Indications: Anterior and Posterior Restorations, Composite Veneer, Diastema Closure, Composite/Porcelain Repair