GC Reline Point for Trimming

GC RELINE II is a soft denture relining material designed for denture wearers who cannot tolerate conventional hard acrylic denture reliners. Soft denture reliners are typically used for denture patients exhibiting thin, relatively non-resilient mucosa or severe alveolar bone resorption. While soft liners are more comfortable for these patients, they often easily peel from the periphery of the denture and are difficult for the dental professional to grind and adjust. GC Reline II's new vinylpolysiloxane (VPS) formula exhibits improved adhesive characteristics as well as better grinding performance in clinical practice. The included removing solution allows for easy removal of old soft reline material and efficient removal of excess new reline material. GC Reline II may be used with resin and metal-based dentures, and when applied as directed with the accompanying Primer. The GC Reline II Introductory Kit includes one liner material cartridge, primer, remover, trimming point, finishing wheel, mixing tips, plastic spatula, disposable brushes and a technical guide. This product is available in Soft, Extra Soft, and Extra Extra Soft versions; individual refills for each kit are available.