Identic Alginate Canister 1Lb

Short Description:
Contains: 9, 1lb bags, 9 canisters, 9 powder scoops, and 9 water vials

Identic Dust-Free alginate achieves four results: easy mixing, excellent stone surface, smoothness and fine detail.  All alginates are packaged in 1 lb poly-aluminum pouches to increase shelf life and reduce storage space requirements.

Identic alginate is also available as Singles. This unique design contains a pre-measured volume of dental alginate for a single impression. The water measure is incorporated as part of the package and eliminates the canister, scoop and water vial. Identic Singles are convenient, easy to use and ensure consistent mixes every time.

Identic Fast Set and Regular Set have a cinnamon scent. The Extra Fast Set Hypo-Allergenic is unscented.

100 hours of stability