Mask Extender Strap, Adjustable. 10/pk


Mask extender hook is made of soft and eco-friendly silicone. NOT toxic and not irritative to your skin. 

  • Ear Protection Saver - relieves the ear pain and pressure, caused by prolonged mask wear.
  • Has 4 adjustment levels to fit your need.
  • Anti-slip: Once connected behind the head, it is not easy to shake off while working or exercising.
  • Washable & light weight. This mask extender strap is easy to wash and can be re-used without bending abrasion curling, shedding or other types of degradation. Appearance suitable for men, women and children. Long hair can be hidden with comfortable extension buckle.
  • Suitable for various types of masks with two-point connection and a good fit for most people. It is a useful mask extender for the big faces when using a small face mask with short ear-loop.

House brand manufacture may vary.