Rebase III Hard Denture Reline Kit Light Pink

  • 80G Rebase III Powder
  • 50Ml Rebase III Liquid
  • 15Ml Rebase Adhesive
  • 48G Tokuso Resin Hardener II
  • Accessories: Measuring cup, Mixing cup, Dropper, Spatula, Drip nozzle, Drip cup, Brush, Spoon

Rebase III is the next generation of chairside hard denture reline material, continuing 25 years of legacy and succeeding the preferred choice of dentists — Rebase II. Designed for durable complete and partial* acrylic denture reline applications – resulting in outstanding comfort and a denture fit that lasts.

Indicated For: Long-term chairside or laboratory hard denture reline, Denture repairs, Extension of denture borders