15th Aug 2022

How to effectively perform search on our website.

How to effectively perform search on our website.

We have been taught by Google over the years, that the more words we enter in the search bar, the narrower the search results will be.

The search on our website doesn't work exactly like that. One can search by SKU or MPN (manufacturer product number, or a re-order number) and get the exact search result.

When it comes to the word search, less is more. Less is better. To get the best result, consider entering 1 keyword and check the results. When you enter 2 or more keywords, You will get all options of single or mutual appearances of these words in the product name or description. The amount of the results can be quite extensive.

Therefore, enter 1 word, and for the most part, unless it is a very generic word, like "unidose" or "instrument", You will be offered a modest selection, easy to scan through.

For example. Let's find a self-aspirating syringe. By entering only one keyword "self-aspirating", we get 2 results. Easy to choose from.

By entering "self-aspirating syringe" we receive 754 results. 

In this case, we need to stick to the top row here, but seeing so many results will definitely distract and confuse many customers.

At Dental Deals Canada, we aspire to deliver great customer support. If You experience difficulties in navigating our website, or need to receive any other kind of help, please call our toll-free number during working hours: 1-888-416-4668, and a live agent will be happy to help.