9th Nov 2022

How to use Promotions on our website

How to use Promotions on our website

If we need to explain how to use Promotions, then they must be not very intuitive, right?

Maybe. We try to keep promos as clear as possible, but questions still occur. Here is a little bit of an insight. 

Products with Promotions are listed under "Promotions" category. These products also have a "Promo" corner to highlight them among other products. Please note, items with Promotions do not qualify for gifts and gift cards.

To find out what promo is being offered, you can click on the product to read the Promo description.

You can also click on the Promo corner and see the description on the same screen!

Nota Bene: Please note, that our current flyer lists prices as "NET", meaning how much each item ends up costing you after the gift card value (or same discount value) is applied. To learn more, download the >> flyer here