13th Sep 2023

Our Products' Spotlight: Must-Have Supplies for Every Dental Clinic

Our Products' Spotlight: Must-Have Supplies for Every Dental Clinic

Efficiently managing a dental clinic requires a comprehensive array of essential supplies, ranging from diagnostic tools to personal protective equipment. Dental Deals Canada is your trusted source for all your dental supply needs, offering high-quality products that are indispensable for dental clinics. In this product spotlight, we'll explore some of the must-have supplies available at Dental Deals Canada and why they are pivotal for dental practices.

1. Equipment

a. At Dental Deals Canada, you can find the X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray with Neck Strap and Carrying Case for on-the-go diagnostics. Additionally, enhance your operatory with the Flight Torch LED Dual Track Mount Light (Light and Monitor Mount Only) for optimal illumination.

b. Electric Motors: When it comes to precise dental procedures, a reliable electric motor is essential. Dental Deals Canada offers the Flight Tabletop Electric Motor with LED, featuring a torque of 3.4Ncm. This motor enhances your clinical efficiency and ensures smooth dental operations.

c. Ultrasonic Scalers: Maintaining oral hygiene is a top priority in any dental clinic. Explore our selection, which includes the Flight Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler (FMS-2530). This scaler is designed for effective and comfortable dental cleanings, ensuring the best possible care for your patients.

d. Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator: In the current healthcare landscape, extraoral aerosol evacuators are essential for maintaining a safe environment. Dental Deals Canada offers the DEFENDME I Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator, which helps remove potentially harmful aerosols generated during dental procedures.

e. Doctors Stools: Comfort is paramount for dental practitioners. Consider the Mirage Doctors Stool from TPC, available at Dental Deals Canada. This ergonomic stool ensures comfort during long procedures and enhances your overall operatory setup.

2. Sterilization and Infection Control

a. Autoclaves: Sterilization is a critical aspect of dental practice. Dental Deals Canada offers autoclaves by Flight Dental, including the Flight Autoclave Clave23+ with Compressor and the Flight Autoclave Clave16+ with Compressor. These autoclaves meet industry standards for effective instrument sterilization, ensuring a safe clinical environment.

b. Disposable Gloves and Masks: Infection control commences with personal protective equipment. High-quality disposable gloves and masks are crucial for the safety of both patients and dental staff. Dental Deals Canada provides a variety of PPE supplies to maintain a secure environment in your clinic.

3. Dental Chairs and Operatories

a. Operatory Systems: For a comprehensive operatory solution, explore the A12 Operatory System by Flight Dental. This system includes various components designed to optimize your workflow and enhance patient care.

4. Consumables

a. Dental Restorative Materials: Premium restorative materials are indispensable for performing fillings and various dental procedures. Dental Deals Canada provides a variety of top-grade restorative materials to meet the demands of dental clinics.

b. Disposable Supplies: Dental clinics consume a significant quantity of disposable supplies on a daily basis. From bibs and cups to cotton rolls and disposable syringe tips, Dental Deals Canada offers a wide selection of disposable supplies to maintain your clinic's inventory.

5. Instruments and Handpieces

a. Dental Handpieces: High-speed and low-speed handpieces are essential tools for a range of dental procedures. Dental Deals Canada supplies a selection of handpieces renowned for their durability and precision, ensuring efficient dental work.

b. Diagnostic Instruments: A well-equipped dental clinic relies on diagnostic instruments like mirrors, probes, and explorers. Dental Deals Canada offers diagnostic tools known for their accuracy and longevity.


A well-equipped dental clinic depends on a steady supply of essential products and equipment. Dental Deals Canada recognizes the significance of having access to top-quality dental supplies and provides a comprehensive range of products to cater to dental professionals' needs. Whether you require diagnostic tools, infection control solutions, operatory equipment, consumables, or instruments, Dental Deals Canada has you covered. With our reliable products, you can ensure that your dental practice operates seamlessly and delivers the highest quality care to your patients. Choose Dental Deals Canada as your trusted supplier for all your dental supply needs and elevate your dental practice to new heights of excellence.